Learning from the Lotus flower

There are just some times when we are unable to to get going, to stay motivated, to rise above our problems or our situation. This quote so aptly says, learn to be like the Lotus flower that unfolds its beautiful petals in spite of the slush it is born in or even the murky water it lives in. It shows us that even if we have had a bad childhood, bad relationships or any other bad past issues, we can rise about the situation regardless of everything. And even if you are currently in an environment that is unpleasant or negative, you can put your head up high, rising above all that is around you.

Someone once told me, in relation to a difficult situation I was facing, if you find yourself sinking in garbage (aka not so positive situations, people or places) you have a choice to either keep lying in the garbage and become a part of it OR you can seek to pull yourself up and above the garbage. The choice is yours. What do you choose?

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