7 reasons why Down Dog is the Best Yoga App

7 reasons why Down Dog is the Best Yoga App

After realizing I gained a couple of kilos(aka pounds) by the end of 2016, I felt the need to get my body some much needed exercise. I remember Yoga being a savior when I was diagnosed with PCOD several years ago. Back then it helped regulate my weight, stress and hormones. It took around 2 months for the benefits to manifest, but it was worth it. So I decided to get back to Yoga this time as well.

But the idea of attending an hour long class with additional time required to drive there and struggling with parking space was not appealing . My mommy-obsessed toddler was waiting for me to come back home after work, so a Yoga class was not an option like my single days. I figured that a yoga app to be a viable solution. There is an app for everything under the sun, so I thought there must be apps for Yoga for sure. And boy, was I right.


There were several apps and I downloaded quite a few. Many of them, I uninstalled after trying just a single session/class. In most apps, the instructor’s tone sounded so monotonous and boring- almost all had a narrator different in the background and not the same person doing the poses. And the movements seemed robotic. It just did not feel like a good old yoga class at all.  Then I bumped into the Down Dog Yoga app on android and it seemed to tick all the boxes off. These are the reason why I loved the app:

1. It's free

The first and foremost reason to choose this over other apps is that is FREE app unlike several other apps, paid home videos or websites with streaming classes. The basic features are completely free with the app. The paid/membership related options are listed in point number 3 below.

2. Studio experience

The app boasts to be the closest app you can get to a studio experience and I can second that. The instructor, the music and the visuals, all seemed to provide an experience very close to a gorgeous yoga studio.

3. Customization options

They go even further than a group yoga class to a private session in your living room  (or wherever you prefer to practice),  by giving you so many options to make each session customized. There are customization options for:

  • Sequence Practice type- You can choose between Intro to Yoga, Full Practice, Short Practice, Restorative and Quick Flow. None of the poses specifically include blocks, pillow or any fancy equipment- only you and your mat will suffice.
  • Level- At the time of this post, you can choose between 5 levels, i.e. 2 Beginner, 2 Intermediate levels and even Advanced for some practice types.
  • Length- One of the biggest draw is that you can choose the duration of your practice. In the Restorative sequence, you can choose from 10 to 45 minutes for a session. For the Full practice, you can choose between 20 to 110 minutes. The quick flow has sessions ranging from 12 to 80 minutes.
  • Other Options- There are other options that are Paid, which is playlist/music type, Pace; and Boost to focus on specifics such as Aerobic, Flexibility, Core, Back Strength, Chest Shoulder Opening etc.
Also read our post about how to keep your Yoga mat clean by folding it the right way. The way Yoga mats are rolled is just unhygienic!

4. Dynamic and not boring

This amazing app generates a new sequence every time you practice. The other apps we tried had prerecorded videos, which can get boring after doing it a few times. The repetitive nature of the class was why I left yoga practice I started years ago- the same sequence every single time can feel like a boring routine and not motivating anymore.

Is Yoga right for you? I wish I could say yes. To know the answer, read our post on what is the best form of exercise.

5. Online and offline sessions

When I downloaded this app, the classes were only available in online mode over an internet connection. So if you were say, travelling or without an internet connection, you could not use the app for practicing yoga. They added the functionality of saving a session for offline use only around the second quarter of 2017. A very welcome upgrade indeed.

Having the online option for this app helps in not taking up precious storage space on your smart phone or tablet. But even if you download sessions for offline use, they are not too big in size.

6. Soothing instructor voice

One of my colleagues commented that the voice of the instructor was so soothing that she could go to sleep listening to her. I did find her voice soothing but in a good way, especially in comparison to the other apps where the narrator sounded almost robotic.

7. Impressive Support

The guys at Down Dog respond immediately to your emails. Top notch customer service from a top notch app. They are constantly improving and updating the app. From when I started using the app, the level, length and type of practice has only increased in the app.

There was just two thing we felt could be improved:

1. Lacks actual videos (before April 2018)- Down Dog heard us and introduced videos!

In our initial post, we found the lack of actual videos as a very negative point of the app. But Down Dog heard its users and introduced videos. This is another example of their top notch customer service where they worked on their users' suggestions.

(Old Post when DownDog App did not have any videos- The sequences/poses are actually pictures and not videos. It is probably the trade off for having the functionality of a dynamic sequence for each session. Even though the instructor gives very good explanations for each post, this app may not be very ideal for absolute yoga newbies. So we recommend doing a few local yoga classes before, if you are practicing Yoga for the first time. For someone who already has experience in Yoga, if you are having trouble with a particular pose, they have a YouTube Channel/Playlist with detailed pose breakdowns.)


2. No Pranayama or Breathing exercises

Every physical Yoga practice is class is incomplete without Pranayama or Breathing exercise. Down Dog does not have any breathing exercises included in any of the Sequence types. We felt this was a major missed point.

To Pro or not to Pro?

The basic version of Down Dog app is free to use and ad free (Yippee). Currently the app's Pro version costs around $8 per month or $50 for a year (half the price of the monthly payment).  I had the Pro version for a year when there was a hefty discount offer. But after it expired I am doing just fine with the Basic version.

Should you get the Pro version? We think it depends on whether you want the following features of the Pro version:

Option Free version Pro version
Playlist Type Alt Beats Acoustic, Instrumental, Soft Instrumental, None
Pace Normal Slowest, Slow, Fast, Fastest
Boost None Aerobic, Hamstring Opening, Low Back Opening, Chest Shoulder Opening, Back Strength, Upper Body Strength, Flexibility, Core, Twists, Standing Balances, Hip Opening, Hop Flexor Opening
Spoken Intruction Full Less, Least

So our verdict is that this app has just bowled me over and become a part of my journey towards a healthy body, mind and soul. It is undoubtedly one of the best fitness apps out there for the Yogis among us.

You can read more about the app on their page at https://www.downdogapp.com/ . The app is available both on Android and Apple / itunes.

Disclaimer: Always consult a Doctor or Healthcare practitioner before commencing any exercise. Any opinion or post on this website should not be substituted for Medical advice.

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