Tips to cleanse negative energy from your home

Tips to cleanse negative energy from your home

I am sure all of us have experienced at some point, a sort of heaviness and negativity when you enter a house, room or office. If it is your own home, office or you are moving into a new place, there are some ways you can cleanse the space of any negative energy accumulated. Here are some simple tips to help:


Clean and de-clutter


The physical act of cleaning can dislodge negative energy in that area. Think, that wonderful feeling of a freshly cleaned kitchen or room. So put on some cleaning gloves and get dusting and mopping. Another basic tip is to de clutter, getting rid of items that you don't use. You can donate old clothes, shoes and household items, which will add to the feel good factor. A good rule of thumb is if you haven't used something for over a year, you are most likely not going to ever use it, so let it go.


Wash upholstery and linen


Wash things like curtains, cushion covers, bed sheets, pillow covers, bath and hand towels often to keep the energy fresh.

Sunlight and Fresh Air

You might have noticed that negativity can build up more in places that receive less sunlight and fresh air. So open those windows to bring in both. If you have small windows, you can use mirrors to amplify light. Even slightly bright lights in dull corridors and rooms can make a big difference to get good energy flowing.

 Incense and essential Oils

Burning incense once or twice a day of any fragrance that you prefer can really help to cleanse the energy in the rooms. You can try lavender, sandalwood, vanilla, rose or any fragrance you prefer. If incense is not your thing, essentials oils that are not synthetic and are purely natural can also be used, either by spraying on upholstery and linen or using an oil burner (preferably diluted in water for both options).

Sea Salt  

Sea salt is known to be a go to cleanser or healer for the body, aura and even physical spaces. You can mop the floor with sea salt dissolved in water. Himalayan salt can also be used.


Sage has powerful healing and cleansing properties. For home cleansing, you can burn a sage smudge stick, (just like an incense) and move it around the house so the smoke can reach all the rooms. If you cannot get access to sage where you live, you can order it from (this link also has a discount for first time customers).


Plants can help to bring in oxygen and positive energy into the house. But also remember to discard/recycle any dead or sick plants immediately as they can cause negative energy.


Feng Shui tip

Clap the negativety away!  We were quite surprised to read about this Feng Shui tip of cleansing negative energy recently. You can also test the space for negative energy this way. At a place you want to test, clap your hands- if the clap sounds crisp, the space is filled with positive energy. But if the clap sounds dense and not crisp, it means there is presence of accumulated or negative energy. So how do you clear the space? Clap clap and clap till the clap sounds crisp and clear. This can be done in any space.

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