Directory for Online Resources for the Mind Body and Soul

I have had this website for a while now and it was started because I love sharing what I find with people and my journey of growth was what I wanted to share through this website. It struck me that I have been having the resources I have come across, be it online courses- free or paid, different healing modalities, inspirational authors and more, the blog/website doesn't make it easy to get the information in one place. So I came up with the idea of having a Directory for all the online resources towards an open and expanded Mind, Body and Soul. I hope this will help you find something that you resonate with and add to your personal development journey.


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    • Theta Healing
    • The Journey by Brandon Hays

    Online Courses

    TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), Tai Chi & Qi Gong

    • Lee Holden


    • Gaia
    • Down Dog app (Find our Review here)

    Websites / Blogs- Motivational & Inspirational (Entire Post for this)