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Some people might resonate with the word healing. But some may be irked and say I don't need to be healed! Why do I need to heal?

If you are on this website, I congratulate you for taking this brave step of recognising that you need healing, that we all need a healing touch or process in our lives. To go deeper than just the surface and cloaking our thoughts and experiences with the bandage of positive thinking. If you get physically hurt, it is easy to see and do the right things to help - it could be as simple as a bandage or a surgery to fix something broken.

We all are thought, know what to do and have doctors to help us when something goes wrong physically. But when it comes to the non-physical like emotions, emotional experience, trauma or a hurt that we can't see, we can be quick to not even acknowledge its existence, let alone try to deal with it. It's equivalent to putting a bandage over a wound without cleaning it.

Result: you've just hidden the wound and even worse, you are brewing a nasty infection inside.

When it comes to unpleasant unresolved emotional, mental and soul experiences, we often realise only when what is buried inside manifests as chronic pain and diseases that makes us question that something is not right.

This website is as a result of my personal journey - which has been of a journey of self-discovery through Yoga, Alternative healing (EFT, Tai Chi, Acupuncture), crystals, Satsang, Mindfulness, Energy and Healing Work, Angel reading (tarot), Mindfulness and Meditation. I won't deny that on many occasions I have come across things that scared me off this path but I kept coming back somehow trusting this is where the answer lies. When you put aside that fear of the naysayers, scaremongers, unpleasant side and take of things, and trust that you will get answers and experiences for where you are currently at, magic happens!

Only things that you are ready for, reveal themselves to you and that won't happen well if you act from a space of fear and expecting or reflecting on the worst.

And I was able to explore all this in my personal space and time, while working full time, while being a wife and a mother and while still going to traditional worship places. As a very private practice that I could do without judging or being judged. At first I felt, what is wrong with me -why can't I stick to one thing? But I saw the beauty in what I experienced - it was so fluid to be able to move from things that served a purpose at a given point of time. And it is just this practice that made me appreciate that you are truly infinite and have limitless potential.

Especially with all the technology and information floating around, it is really easy to get overwhelmed and overloaded. When you truly experience that all answers come from 'within', it is easy to navigate through all the noise and information around you.

For those who ask - what is the right path?

In this journey called ‘‘life’’, there are several times each of us face challenges, stress and difficult situations. It could be stresses of different life phases- education, relationships, adjusting to a marriage, different stages of parenting, health issues and more- the list is practically endless. Life isn’t without its ups and downs. All of us are knowingly or unknowingly learning and unlearning at every step of our unique journeys. We have free will, so it’s upon each of us individually to choose a path (or several paths) that serves in our lives at each unique situation. Stress and negativity manifests and grows; and sooner or later our body and mind screams out for much needed healing.

The purpose of this website/blog is to not preach or push or tell anyone which path to follow in their healing journey. But to provide those who are seeking healing using alternative and natural methods; with positive insights and information on topics related to healing the Mind, Body and Soul. An attempt to make positive contributions to each individual’s unique, yet divinely connected journeys and life purpose.

With our mission to heal, open and expand your Mind, Body and Soul,  you will find here Quotes, posts on Mindfulness, Positivity, Self help, Healing, MeditationHealthy Body, Yoga and Healthy eating. We also feature reviews of self help websites, courses, authors and Sydney based meditation, retreat and wellness centres.

We are infinite Beings with Infinite Possibilities

You can also share with us your unique healing journey, stories and insights by contributing an article or contacting us.

We truly hope you will benefit from the healing, love and expansion that this website seeks to provide.

Much love,

Dee S

"You are a not a Human having a Spiritual experience, but a Soul having a Human Experience'