All of us are knowingly or unknowingly learning and unlearning at every step of our unique journeys. We have free will, so it’s upon each of us individually to choose a path (or several paths) that serves in our lives. The purpose of this website/blog is to not preach or push or tell anyone which path to follow. But to provide those who are perhaps seeking expansion and self-growth; with positive insights and information on topics related to Mind, Body and Soul. An attempt to make positive contributions to each individual’s unique, yet divinely connected journeys and life purpose.

With our mission to open and expand your Mind, Body and Soul,  you will find here Quotes, posts on topics such as Mindfulness, Positivity, Self help, Healing, MeditationHealthy Body, Yoga and Healthy eating. We also feature reviews of relevant self help websites, courses and authors.


You can also be part of our website by contributing an article. As our mission is to provide content that has positive impact, learning and inspiration, we will accept articles along those lines. What we will not accept is conspiracy theories, scare mongering and problem (rather than solution) oriented articles.

We hope you feel the love and expansion that this website seeks to provide.

Much love,

Dee S

"You are a not a Human having a Spiritual experience, but a Soul having a Human Experience'